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Bethany Navajeevan Matriculation School is a school owned and managed by Bethany Fathers, who are the members of the religious community founded by the great educationalist, late Archbishop Mar Ivanios. We the members of the Bethany Ashram have aspired to follow his footsteps. For the last eighty six years we have nutured his dreams and furthered his visions by continuing to set up educational institutions with improved and innovative methods, thereby making them an effective instrument of moulding the individual and thus transforming society. Today our educational institutions have become synonyms of excellence affordable by all.

Bethany Navajeevan has a dream… a dream of liberating young minds and souls from the bonds of ignorance and darkness. The dream is our motto- “ Jnanena Mukthi” which means Liberation Through Wisdom”. Education, for us, is a mission with a vision – a mission of going beyond.. of breaking barriers and building bridges… with the vision of a bright future ahead. Co–Educational Schoo

BNMS is a Co – educational school offering equal opportunity to all children with undivided importance.

Vision & Mission


  • Liberation through wisdom


  • To provide quality education and integral development
  • To enhance potentials of our participants is pursuit of excellence
  • To ensure continual improvement setting standards
  • Liberation through wisdom